Other Guilds & Associations

The Ontario Wood Carvers Association

In 1978, after the first International Carving Competition at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto, about a dozen or so carvers, led by the late Norman Tarver, came together to form a carving club. This was the beginning of the Ontario Wood Carvers Association. The club supported the production of the CNE Woodcarving Show until 1989. Since that time, OWCA operates an annual competition and show of its own. We have evolved into a charitable, non-for-profit organization devoted to promoting, educating and connecting carvers in Ontario.

After more than 37 years, the Ontario Wood Carvers Association is still flourishing! Throughout the years, members have given demonstrations of their skills and actively promoted carving as a hobby and a profession at regional shows across Ontario and the United States. Our members have also encouraged the formation of local carving clubs wherever there was interest.