Nikola Wojewoda-Patti


Nikola Wojewoda-Patti is a contemporary artist of Russian and Polish descent. She graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 1981.

A diverse artist, she has worked and exhibited in a variety of fine art mediums. In addition to drawing, painting and printmaking, she has shown sculptural works in bronze and stone, plaster, mixed media assemblage, and installation.

She’s made experimental short films, which have been shown in North America and Europe, and has designed sets for dance and theatre in Toronto - as well as for community theatre in her hometown of Hamilton, Ontario.

Her work can be found in private and corporate collections, including the Canada Council Art Bank. Her art has been written about in a variety of publications such as C Magazine and the Globe and Mail. She has taught painting and sculpture in Continuing Education programs through the Toronto Board of Education.

Nikola is a member of Hamilton Artists Inc., the Art Galley of Burlington, and Arts Burlington Fine Arts Association, Sculptors, and Potters Guilds.

The recipient of several Ontario Arts Council Grants, she has also recently received the Agnes Tassie Award for Sculpture (DVSA) the Jeanette Edwards Award for Ceramics (Burlington Potters Guild), and the Alice Peck Award for Fine Art (Burlington Fine Arts Guild).

In her current practice she has expanded the materials she works with and is exploring ceramic sculpture as well as a hybrid of collage and paper cutting.

More about Nikola Wojewoda-Patti can be found on her site.